About Lebanon… Imprisoned Splendour

At the age of 23 I fell in love. So deep and all-consuming was the feeling, that it was impossible for me not to fall deeper and deeper into the majesty and deliciousness that this new love promised.

So hungry was my desire for more and more and more that I spent the next 10 years immersed in that love affair, absorbing and willingly embracing the battles and challenges, along with the delights and joys that love always presents, until a calm of unconditional certainty spread throughout my entire being, and I knew...I just knew - this love would be forever…

My lover was not a person, but in fact a country - LEBANON. It was the country of my birth but had been forced to leave at the age of 5. When I returned, some 18 years later, it was not because I had a burning desire to, but rather because my mother told me I "HAD TO". I was returning from a holiday to Europe, to the only homeland I had identified with up to that time, Australia.

What was supposed to be a quick two-week sojourn to meet the "relatives", turned into a life-changing, six-week adventure that would alter the course of my life forever...

Bright future led by young guard or useless, mindless limbo

Omar Sharif - Global cinematic giant & star of Lebanon…Imprisoned Splendour

ENOUGH! Lebanon's Darkest Hour Launched in July 2021